Club Worth is a spiritual support group designed to promote the value of true self-esteem and promote social change. It is a safe haven for spiritual awakening and for those seeking a deeper meaning to life. I seek to guide individuals and arm them with the tools to experience the soul for themselves. Most anyone with a sincere interest to know God is welcomed.

Self-realization is a lifelong sport requiring long-term commitment. The motivation must come from within. One must be willing to seek God with all their heart, all their mind, all their soul and all their strength. We aim to be living examples of this, proving that a little bit of the soul goes a long way.




My mission is to help people realize their self-worth. Self-worth is an issue that tends to get buried underneath the surface of everyday life, yet it secretly controls almost everything we do. Lack of self-worth is rooted in disconnection from the soul. The soul is the source of true self-esteem. Feeling disconnected from the soul creates problems that are widely accepted as normal, but they are not.


Club Worth offers a higher interpretation of Christianity. Jesus Christ is a metaphor for the soul. Born pure of a virgin, miraculous, rejected and buried, yet still lives. In the sharing of this message, the intent is to love, honor, respect, and support each other with the understanding that experiencing the soul is necessary for the well-being of humanity. We are called to live from a higher consciousness.




Core Beliefs



1. We are one with God because of the soul.

2. The soul is our true identity. 

3. Genuine self-worth is realized through the soul.

4. Man does not define the soul; the soul defines man.

5. The soul is not a belief. It just IS; It is one with the Great I Am.











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