Public Speaking


John Dominique is available for public speaking. My topic is self-worth. I charge $1500/hr for local events in the Atlanta area. It's the same price for non-local events but I charge additional for travel, meal and lodging amenities. The contact number is 678.435.3755.












"John Dominique is a unique, special and wonderful man. I have had deep, spiritual conversations with him. In his 'dark night of the soul" he sought answers from our Creator.  What emerged is a beautiful and powerful understanding of God and God's universe.  He has a message that is worth listening to. I treasure my friendship with him."

John Strickland - Unity Atlanta - Senior Pastor


"John Dominique is truly an expert in the field of spirituality, and his insights are indeed epic. He is a delightful ... public speaker ... The value he brings to any situation is noteworthy..." 

David Burke - Mary Our Queen - Folk Choir Director


"John Dominique is a an inspirational thinker ... [and] a wonderful role model, who is living the truth of his beliefs ... his lectures, can have a life altering effect..." 

Cathy De Anne - Institute Of Noetic Sciences - Coordinator


"John is an outstanding speaker. He’s passionate, intelligent, eloquent, funny and engaging. He has many thought-provoking stories, ideas and messages to share, all of which give listeners an insight into his personal journey and uncover core truths about spirituality, oneness and the soul. He has much to teach us about our common human purpose and our collective potential. I’m always intrigued and uplifted when I hear John speak, and I highly recommend him as a public speaker."                              


 Eric Atwood - Speaking Circles - Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Presentation Coach


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